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    Monster Slayers - Review and Guide (4 out of 5)

    Posted by Anne Friday, January 28, 2011

    This game was created by Nerdook and the version I played was what they designed for Armor Games although they also have the same game created for other game sites like Kongregate.  It's an action/strategy game that lets you build an army of 5 customizable soldiers and go through missions to gain experience and items that will help you clear the game and improve your army to get it ready for multi-player.  The cute character and background designs remind me of a PSP game.  I'm sure you'll know which one it is once you start playing the game.


    You'll only need your mouse in this game and to control you're army during a mission you'll just need to click 4 commands on screen:

    Fall Back! - Lets you regroup your army (doesn't attack)
    Defend! - Units will Attack while maintaining position and take half damage but inflict half damage as well
    Attack! - All units will attack (of course...)
    Quick March! - All units march forward.  Units will automatically stop if they're too close to an obstacle (which is most of the time an enemy)

    You can add/create characters and choose whether they're melee or ranged.  I suggest getting a mix of both ranged and melee and different abilities too.

    Here's the list of the different character types and you can see it on the game if you go to view your army and click on "career guide". Mouseover and you'll see the description for each character.

    You can also remove any character at any given time and create a new one from scratch if you want.

    You can also have your characters wear hats that you collected from battle which have perks.

    The trophies in this game are the hats. As you can see, I haven't completed them all. Most of the really good hats you can get from playing against armies in Multi-player.

    Here's a sample of how to equip a hat on the army view. Just click on a character, and click on the arrow left or right to scroll through the hats that you have.

    List of Summoning Combination

    There are certain items you get after a mission and these can be used in making a summoning item which, by its name, can summon a guardian of some sort and assists units in battle by way of special perks like additional damage to melee units, or paralyzing enemies, etc for a limited time.

    Here's how the summoning menu looks. Just click on the 2 ingredients you want to combine, in this case I clicked on Animal Hide and Demon Tooth. The summon can be used once and for a limited time.

    Here's how it looks going into a mission with a summon (lower right). Just click on it to use it.

    And here's how the Seraph summon looks like when in use. You can see that on the right side of screen there's a clump of green balls... Those are the items and gold left behind by enemies after you defeat them. You have to mouse-over them to get the money and the items.

    Here's the list of summoning combination:
    Animal Hide + Demon Tooth = Guardian  (All units become invurnerable to missles)
    Animal Hide + Oak Leaf = Seraph (All Units heal over time)
    Animal Hide + Fire Stone = Deamon (All units gain flame attack)
    Animal Hide + Cursed Bone = Reaper (All enemies lose HP over time)
    Animal Hide + Blue Crystal = Blade (All melle units double damage)
    Animal Hide + Monster Claw = Savage – All melee units gain lifedrain)
    Demon Tooth + Oak Leaf = Treeant (All enemies move at half speed when entangled)
    Demon Tooth + Fire Stone = Deamon (All units gain flame attack)
    Demon Tooth + Cursed Bone = Serpent (Units gain dodge and poison attacks)
    Demon Tooth + Blue Crystal = Fox (All units move twice as fast)
    Demon Tooth + Monster Claw = Savage (All melee units gain lifedrain)
    Oak Leaf + Fire Stone = Reaper (All enemies lose HP over time)
    Oak Leaf + Cursed Bone = Serpent (Units gain dodge and poison attacks)
    Oak Leaf + Blue Crystal = Seraph (All Units heal over time)
    Oak Leaf + Monster Claw = Treeant (All enemies move at half speed when entangled)
    Fire Stone + Cursed Bone = Blade (All melle units double damage)
    Fire Stone + Blue Crystal = Frosty (All units gain frost attack)
    Fire Stone + Monster Claw = Deamon (All units gain flame attack)
    Cursed Bone + Blue Crystal = Frosty (All units gain frost attack)
    Cursed Bone + Monster Claw = Savage (All melee units gain lifedrain)
    Blue Crystal + Monster Claw = Fox (All units move twice as fast)

    Here are some pictures of the other summons and the battle:

    On the World Map, you can choose which mission you would like to do. Here's a monster mission or perhaps what can be called mini-boss fights. ^_^

    Here's the monster...

    Here's my summon...

    Bye! Bye! Mr. Burning Ram!

    End of Mission - Yey! New Summon ingredient found and 1 character leveled-up! Don't worry if some of your characters die in the middle of the fight, they still get the experience. Also, game is automatically saved after each mission.

    I love how simple yet very interesting the game is.  Also the fact that you can build up your army and play against other people's army keeps you wanting to play some more.  The hats are not easy to collect as it also relies on chance so if you want to collect them all, you have to play a lot and go to the multiplayer option because the strong hats can be won on the multi-player mode.

    What I am just a little bit disappointed about is how you can complete the whole game really quickly.  I wish there were more chapters.  But still, a game worth your time!

    When you click on "multi-player" it brings up a window where you can choose your opponent.

    There's a cute surprise when you finish the game... ^_^

    Game Boots Rating: 4 out of 5


    Happy Gaming!


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